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Tuf-Tex 24

Mold type

Four flutes

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Size and shape

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Latex quality

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The Common Loon's reviewEdit

Overall commentsEdit

Tuf-Tex couldn't sit back while Q-Tex had all the fun, so their 24"s came out in early 2006. Essentially up-sized versions of their already-immense 17"s, where the Q24 is a pear balloon, the T24 is fluted and very big and round. The body will get larger than a Q24, and the neck will come out a little, but is much narrower than Qualatex. Big, huge, with thick latex and very strong, they remind me of a Play-Loon's smaller sibling.

Size and shapeEdit

If round is your thing, these balloons have it. Big enough at full inflation that you might have a little trouble getting your arms around it, the T24 inflates a little to the oblong side of spherical, and the neck begins to inflate at high pressures as you'd expect from a fluted balloon. The neck itself is very long, ostensibly for ease of tying. It can probably be inflated most of the way, but you'd better be willing to risk a mighty pop.

Latex qualityEdit

Thick, thick, and strong and thick, the T24 manages to be all these things and not drumhead-hard until it's overfull. Colors are deep, and though there is a little variation around flute lines, there are very, very few defects or thin spots.


Believe that Tuf-Tex are tough enough to take anything that's thrown at them. You might even have a hard time popping these balloons by sitting on them. Maybe you could even use them as impromptu chairs... though that may be pushing it a little. Thick and tough equals reliable. Count on it.

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