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The Common Loon's review

Overall comments

Good size, great teardrop shape and nice thick latex. Lots of bubbles and defects in and on the rubber, though, so they probably aren't very reliable. Standard colors are vivid and very shiny.

Size and shape

Larger than Qualatex and more elongated than Unique or Tilco. The necks are medium-length and of smaller diameter than Unique. The shape is a perfect, streamlined teardrop at full inflation.

Latex quality

Nice and thick, making for a tight, hard balloon when fully inflated. Virgin balloons are shiny, both inflated and uninflated. The latex is sort of stiff out of the bag, and is quite plastic: one or two stretches, and already it doesn't return to its original shape. They feel and smell slightly synthetic. Odds on hysteresis are good.


Watch for bubbles - you won't have to look very hard. Some colors seem to be better than others, but most of the balloons have bubble defects, often occurring in a line of 5 to 10 in the top-middle of the bulb. Occasionally there seems to be some extra latex on top of the skin as well, especially near the drip point. These balloons pop with a fierce, metallic bang.

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